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Recruitment, done better. 

The North American Strategic Talent Partner

UPRISE Recruitment, where your strategic talent imperatives meet our talent solutions. In the high-stakes environment of Audit, Tax, and Law, a vacancy isn't just a position—it's a mission-critical asset. How do we know? Our extensive experience in the Big 4 sector has equipped us with unparalleled insights into your specific challenges.

Direct Permanent Placement

Upgrade your recruitment experience with Uprise. This a pay-per-hire service where each candidate presented is assessed through our culture-talent-fit match. You will also receive 360 background checks, market insights, and much more. Experience the Uprise difference today. 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) 

Uprise quickly integrates your recruitment team for a period as short or as long as you need. Whether it is to add horsepower to your current team or to have Uprise take charge of your recruiting function to fill a high volume of roles via Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) we can customize the best solution for you.

Cross-Boarder Recruitment

Cross-border organization with Canada\ USA locations Uprise can be the bridge between your business and North-American talents. We have the expertise and methodology to support you every step of the way.

Office Meeting


Sandra Hector, Managing Partner at UPRISE Recruitment, brings more than a decade of industry experience to the table. Specializing in executive search and talent management, she has honed a unique, holistic approach that combines Big 4 experience with the latest in HR consulting. Sandra's focus isn't just on filling roles; it's on creating strategic partnerships that solve specific talent challenges. Whether working with growth-stage startups or established organizations, she provides customized recruitment solutions designed to deliver high-impact results.


Interested in unlocking your organization's full potential? Connect with Sandra today to discuss how UPRISE Recruitment can help build your world-class team. 

The difference 

Deep network 

We have a deep network of long-term relationship with top candidates and the industry knowledge you need to rapidly access and convert your niche-targeted talent pool. We have the proven methodology to identify, assess, curate and present only the best-fit. 

Cutting-edge technology

We leverage the most innovative technology and tools to add value to your team and be your integrated human capital partner.  By combining AI technology and the human touch we are able to deliver with an unprecedented level of accuracy at remarkable speed.

Holistic Method

Recruitment is not an isolated act, we work with you to ensure a long-term winning relationship on both sides: yours and our valued candidates. Our broad human capital expertise allows us to go beyond just bringing in the right person but also ensuring they will stay because the candidate's values will align with yours. We go deep.

Doug McCaskill - General Manager, Edmonton, AB

Before connecting with Sandra our recruiting for key positions was stalled at every corner. We have a great recruitment process here, but not all the time needed to look in the necessary places, screen, and extrapolate the A-list candidates.

Sandra and Uprise stepped in and found us not one but several possibilities, all with attributes that could be molded to our unique business model. Thorough, patient and always accommodating is the best how to describe Sandra, a pleasure to work with, a true professional in her craft. We had a problem, a position we couldn’t fill with a viable candidate, and she stepped in, worked with our HR Professional and we ended up with a well-rounded great fit for our team.


We will continue our relationship with Sandra and Uprise and be reaching to her for our complex needs in the future!


On a scale of 0-5 Uprise gets a solid 5!


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